Wednesday, January 27, 2010


ps. i love her new hair perfect for her!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


There was a brief pause in the rain this morning. This was the View

Monday, January 18, 2010

Todays View

It's may be raining but the view is great! This is a blood orange off of our very own tree. It is soooo sweet and juicy. Yum.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter Getaway

Last August when I was in Peru Ken bought tickets to a Keb Mo Concert at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach. This weekend the concert was finally here. The concert was fantastic. Keb can really sing and he didn't let us down.

The plan had been to Kayak Saturday morning but the weather forecast before we left home didn't look good so the Kayak stayed home.

Instead we decided to check out Torry Pines State Park in LaJolla. Of course the day actually was warm and beautiful. This is the view from the beginning of the hike. We actually hiked out to the rock in the picture to start out with.

Here is my hiking companion and pack mule.
There were many areas where the plants were being rehabilitated. Rehabilitated from what I do not know, it all looked good to me.
The view as we hiked further out. (looking north)

The view the other direction. (looking south)
At the end of the trail. The Pacific Ocean.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blast From The Past

Ken got a 35mm Digital Converter for Christmas. Yesterday I found the negatives from our wedding. (I am not going to talk about the HUGE manilla envelope full of negatives that I threw away several years ago because I would surely never need them again.) On facebook people are using retro pictures of themselves at their profile picture this week. Well if you want retro check these out.

This picture isn't our best. We both look like we are laughing. I wonder what was so funny. It was probably my hat.

Here is my retro family. Not too bad except for a few hair challenges.
My best friend Lynda and my brother Troy. Troy is smiling like this because he is thinking about how he just got home from Uruguay, his stomach is going to start feeling better, and his best friend just married his sister. What's not to smile about!
Jill looking good.
Sorry, Stephanie.... lame photographer only took this picture of you. At least he took one. He managed not to take any of Brandon.
Bob and Lynn win the totally retro award. I would be mad if I were Lynn because Bob is showing her up in the hair department here.
Retro cake. Please note arrows pointing to retro nuts and mints. We sure knew how to do refreshments back in the 80's. I think we should go back to weddings like this. Think of all the money we would save.
Retro car: Plymouth Horizon. It was a beauty. What you can't see is the paper cuttings that fill the inside of the car up clear to where the windows start.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Messing Around

The original shot

Changing it up

Even Better
The original shot
Changing it up

The Original Shot
Photoshop can work miracles!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Question and Answer time.

I write the questions.

I write the answers.

Q: Why haven't you posted anything for so long.
A: Um, I've been busy.

Q: What have you been so busy with, I thought you had a life of leisure?

A: Recovering from this takes time and effort

Q: So after you cleaned up that mess what did you do?
A: Put away the christmas decorations, cleaned, shined polished and scrubbed what was left. Next I returned unwanted, non-fitting christmas gifts which involved driving all over God's green earth. Then I worked on Primary making posters, putting together manuals, planning and prepping for the new year. Then just the usual gym, grocery shopping, more cleaning, cooking, hiking, laundry, cleaning the garage, running errands, etc.

Q: So now what?
A: More of the above I am sure and enjoying the warm California weather, learning how to use PhotoshopCS4, practicing taking photos with new camera (christmas gift!). Why? do you have any suggestions?

Q: Why do you have up a Valentines banner on your blog already.
A: Because I already made it and what the heck, why not, and no it isn't to put any pressure on anyone for a valentines gift because all I gots all I needs!

Q: Why are you talking to yourself on your blog?
A: Because no one else is.

Q: Why are you so lucky?
A: I don't know. I really am blessed. I have a family I love and adore, I live in a beautiful place, I am healthy, I have friends who are the best, and I know I am a child of God.

Q: Do you have a perfect life?
A: Far from it. That's why my New Year's Resolution list is so long, too long, exceedingly long, too long to even write it up here in my blog. But, my life is pretty darn good.