Sunday, February 4, 2007

Introduction to the View


First let me say that all references to the view are in no way associated with "The View" morning show. Yuck! I do detest it. I have chosen "A Room with a View" for a few reasons which I will now list.

1) It is the title of one of my all time favorite books.

2) My little room does have a window with a bit of a view

3) On the inside of my little room there is a view of many things I must do, want to do, and won't do.

4) It was all I could think of.

Above is the view on Februrary 4, 2007 at approx. 10 am. Yes, I know the orange tree needs some work done on it. The rest of the pictures are the view on the inside.

Right side of desk

Left side of my desk

Lisa Mac better known as Twanda.


Gadgets and gizomos, whose-it's and what's-its

The Cork board

The boxes of Who-knows-what

The Library

The Laundry

The ribbon (yummy)

The cut-up

The Wall of Fame

Yup, pretty much my dream room. I spend many happy hours in this room. On a really good day some great music will be blasting (Queen, Abba, Tim McGraw). I am a lucky gal. Now don't be fooled. All pictures were strategically taken so you do not see the "to-file-pile", the "to-wash-pile" and the "to-throw-away-pile", not to mention the downright ugly stuff. So what is your dream room? What would be in it? How would it look. What would it sound like? Let me know what your view is or what you would like it to be in your ultimate room. Next post I may show you the one thing that has got to go!

ta-ta for now


lori4kidz said...

hey, my blogging buddy!

your blog looks beautiful! love it.

i've been to your little 'room with a view' and i think it is the cutest little creative room ever!

i love the happy yellow walls.

about your fun pics. . .i especially love the one of your mac computer.

it's my favorite.

makes my heart happy just looking at it.

mac lovers unite! there just isn't a better computer in all the universe.

just ask anyone who owns one. :)

anyway, i'm glad to have you on the blog scene.

Natalie said...

Hmm... My dream room. I've been mapping out and planning such a thing since my senior year of high school which is longer ago than it feels.

First, big counters on all but one wall of the room. One wall will be set with poles for reams of fabric, spools of ribbon, wrapping paper and tissue paper. This wall will include french doors which exit out into a green room equipped with pottery wheels, racks, clay and kilns.

Back inside the room of wonder, there is a large counter, waist high with built in holes for dumping trash. The room includes open shelving - no cabinets, deep sinks, stained and glazed cement floors, windows and surround sound speakers. Every thing needed for paper crafts, beading, sewing, painting, pottery, digital artistry, and the likes will be provided for.

Oh my room of wonder. The room I dream of. I can not wait for it. Just thinking of it is blissful.