Saturday, June 23, 2007

Time Flying

Well time has just flown by since my last post. It has been a busy and exciting time for the family. Katey graduated from Etiwanda High. She played the whole thing down and acted like she could have cared-a-less until the actual moment arrived. It was a very warm evening and the crowd was one of the most rowdy I have ever seen at a graduation.

Next exciting bit of news... Natalie finally got her mission call. After days of stalking the mailman it finally arrived on a Friday. Ken was at the gym so she called him several times leaving messages that he had better get home by 3:15 because she was opening it as soon as Danielle arrived home from school. She called Sean and told him she would be calling him at 3:15 so he had better be waiting. Of course when she actually called him at 3:15 he didn't answer it the first time just to freak her out. Grandpa Roberts had the video going to capture the moment...
Grandma Paul high tailed it up to our place with World atlas and Magnifying glass in hand. Hey look how did she know South America?
Neuquen, Argentina
Reports to Provo MTC September 19th

Danielle made it through her freshman year!!!! She did have to say good bye to her best bud Corey. What a nice guy and good friend.
Danielle also went to girls camp ( not her favorite) and got her camp name this year. She will now be known as Fox. Here she is after a week of camp o-natural. She hates this picture but I love it because she looks like my little girl.
Finally, Sean had a little accident on the Dirt Bike. A guy side swiped him going full speed and ripped his foot up. Apparently a footpeg went all the way through Sean's riding boot and tore his foot open. When he called he said he had a hole in his foot. I had this picture in my mind of a hole like a cartoon character would have , you know, a nice clean hole straight through. Anyways after 13 stitches he no longer has a hole in his foot. He has been at BYUi 2 years and has visited the emergency room 2 times for stitches. I hope this isn't a trend.



RedRanger said...

Time is flyin by really fast. Next thing you know we'll be up at BYUI dropping me off then you guys will be taking Natalie to the MTC. Sheesh. Way too fast...

lori said...

congratulations to natalie, katey, and danielle! all of you moving on to great new things!! how exciting! sorry sean that you got hurt. don't do that anymore! and lisa, i know the love and closeness a mother feels for her children. i am happy for you and sad all at the same time. sending love.

Nicole Shelby said...

Looks like Kirtley-Land is full and blessed and busy and happy and moving on to more and different and interesting things. Congrats to Natalie. Congrats to Katey. Congrats to Fox-Dani. and Condolences to Sean.

See ya'!