Saturday, September 1, 2007

See Ya

Sean hit the road today. Back to Idaho for him. He was dreading the drive but looking forward to being with Stacy again. His truck was loaded down as usual. It was a blast to have him here with us for a few weeks. I just wish Idaho wasn't so far away. Speaking of which, I will be in Idaho next weekend to drop of Katey for school. Just a quick whirlwind trip.

The pictures are from the trip Sean and Ken took to the Channel Islands. They went Kayaking in all the sea caves. They say the picutures don't do the place justice. The water was clear and everything was beautiful. They said there was all kinds of sea life around the caves. I am sure this will be a trip they will want to do again. By the way, the fuzzy pictures are courtesy of a disposable underwater camera.

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Kathryn said...

dang! talk about scary.
Definitely a guy thing...not for me.
no no no.