Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Wedding

Ok this better work! Hope you all enjoy this video. We had such a great day. It was spiritual, beautiful, and fun.


Melissa said...

Wow the pictures were beautiful. Stacey you looked like a true princess among all the glittering white snow and then theres Sean...what a special young man, he is sweet, and totally loveable. I was watching the video and it is so amazing to see another family unit be started. I hope you two know how proud our Heavenly Father is of you both in making such a commitment. Cherish one another and love each other even when times are tuff. Having an Eternal marriage is one of the most treasured things any two people can do and it sure is something to be grateful for. I hope you both continue to grow and learn together, remember life is full of surprises just take them as they come and everything turns out how we wished it to be. I love you both dearly even though I have never met Stacey I can see in her eyes the love she has for you Sean, treat her good and always remember the things that were said in the temple. Once again congrats and hopefully we can all meet up together sometime I would love to meet you Stacey. Take care love, Melissa (Sean's favorite cousin)haha

Amanda said...

This is Sean's favorite cousin! I love the video!!!great job!