Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Sean and Stacey are enjoying the record snow this winter in Rexburg. I keep hearing about all the snow. How about a picture? Well at least they have each other to stay cozy and warm. Before you know it the sun will be beating down and melting all that white junk and wind will be gone, the freezing temperatures will be gone and you may actually leave your coat at home. Until then keep snuggling and hang in there.


Anonymous said...

it's amazing because that's exactly what it looks like up here!

Jodi Jean said...

hehe, yeah i dont miss those winters at all! too cold, i'm a cali girl through and through!

glad you guys had fun on your cruise to catalina with my rents, it sounded like a blast!

Amanda said...

You are right, the snow will melt, but the wind will NEVER stop! Rexburg is ALWAYS windy. I hated that. I really don't miss those winters at all!!!

I love the picture!

Melissa said...

I love the snow but I think I am done wih the snow and cold for now...where's spring?