Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break

Spring Break we found ourselves - you guessed it - in Long Beach.  We were going to go to Catalina but the kids really wanted to stay in Long Beach.  The weather was beautiful.  It couldn't have been more perfect.  The girls reminisced about when they were just wee ones and could ride on the little toys.  They gave it another try for old times sake.

Easier said then done.

Each day we made at least one bike trip into town.  Each day we made at least one trip to Yogurtland.  Oh my is it yummy.  You get to pour your own and they charge you by the weight.  Yummy. This is Danielle's yogurt.  Please note that her foot in the picture wearing her cute new sandals and turquoise nail polish.

Ok, this right here is heaven.  Mint and Chocolate mixed together with Oreo cookie on top.  The Strawberry Bannana with strawberries.  Yumm.  I would have taken a picture of Ken's creation but he was already digging in.

Tomorrow back to reality.


Laura Brandler said...

fun times and she does have some cute piggies!

Sean and Stacey said...

Oh my gosh! The frozen yogurt looks so goooooooooooood!

Sleep, eat ice cream, lay on the boat, sleep, eat ice cream...that sounds like the life!

SeAn K. said...

Fun stuff lucky ducky. see you soon!

Jen said...

OOOOOH, I LOVE Catalina! I went there once on my Senior spring break and fell in love. Someday I will go back. Looks like spring break was fun in Long Beach, I'm totally jealous of your beautiful blue skies, I can just feel the warmth through my computer!!! :D