Friday, June 18, 2010

Coppertone and Anne Hathaway

One of my memories of childhood is this ad.  When I was a youngster my family lived in Florida on the beach .  I remember this ad so well and I remember us using Coppertone.  Sunscreen (I believe we called it tanning lotion back then) was nothing like it is today.  I wouldn't be surprised to learn that it was pure oil back then.    We used it but we were always sunburned.  

I recently ran across this photo.  This is where we lived in Florida. Now there were obviously kids with these moms if you take notice of the shoes and toys. We were surely playing in the water getting our suntan on.  I guess that beach chairs hadn't been invented yet.  The red keds are mine.  I remember them.  I hated them.  I wanted boy style vans but got girl style keds, but I digress.  That bathing beauty on the left is my mom.  The woman who is covered head to toe  is my Grandmother.  When I first saw the photo I thought wow my grandmother looks like a barrel of fun at the beach all covered up like that.  After this week I take back that thought and say "Wow she was a smart lady".

Here I am this week after having basil cells removed from my face.  Yes it takes a good 20 to 30 years for all that sun damage to start taking over our skin.  All I ever wanted as a teen was a good tan.  Now all I want is my face not to be puffy and sore and scarred.  Darn that coppertone look what they had promised us.......


Do I look younger?  I am now going for the shade I affectionately call Anne Hathaway.  

You must admit that she is a lovely shade of pale.  Just look at the alternative.

Be Cool.  Get Your Sunscreen On!


The Hampton Family said...

does your face hurt?
Its killing me... ha ha ha....
seriously did that hurt?
I have something on my face that needs to go
(maybe my whole face needs to go....hmmmm) I need to go get it checked

Laura Brandler said...

oh poor thing! i am glad they got it all and that you can just heal now. sorry you had that!it looks like it hurts.

Sean and Stacey said...

So Sorry! Heal quickly! Ive had so many sun burns that this could also be in my future. Goal: never go without sunscreen.

Scott H. said...

I love the Anne Hathaway look. Whenever we go to the beach now and I "lay out" I cover up with a shirt or a towel. No burn for me!