Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Day at Sea

A beautiful day on the water.  I wasn't sure where Cap'n Ken was going to take us.  It was windy and sunny and warm the perfect combination for sailing.

Cap'n Ken at work getting us ready for the high seas!

There was a very cool water plane flying around.  It would take off and land in the harbor.

We saw these beauties out enjoying the great weather.  Now these are party boats.


sean said...

Love the pictures as always. Looks like fun!

mark h said...

love the pictures and especially the colors - they are so fresh, pure and crisp.

Natalie said...

man you empty nesters got the life!

Katey said...

I want to go!

Welcome to FarrSouth. . . said...

Beautiful! I keep trying to tell my boys we should have their dad get a sailboat... they can't appreciate how wonderful it would be! Feel free to move your boat down here to Oceanside; I could guarantee a couple deckhands nearly anytime you and Ken wanted 'em!


PS What a beauty your grandbaby is! I know Glenn and I have a NUMBER of years to wait for that one, but I'm also sure it come quicker than I can imagine. *grin*