Friday, November 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home.

I'm back.

This was my fist trip ever to Europe.  (oh, and Africa)

I have had major jet lag.

I feel sorry for Ken, every time I sit down I start to fall asleep.

I missed Ken terribly.

I saw amazing places.

I was with wonderful friends.

I will post pictures of my trip in random order.

Because I feel like it!

I took all my photos from my teeny tiny Canon point and shoot.

I have no regrets about leaving the big Mother Camera at home.

This is Genoa,  Italy.

One of the first wonders of Italy we discovered was their hot chocolate.  Best way to describe it is hot pudding.  The flavor was delizioso.  This was breakfast along with a panini.  Those Italians have got the breakfast thing right.
St Lawrence Cathedral in Genoa.  This Cathedral was so interesting to me because of the black and white stone that was used to construct it.  The color was so striking.  Check it out.  
Beauty in the details....

This is the main plaza.  The three large buildings are essentially their post office, wall street, and the bank.

Oh look,  me in the main Plaza.  The buildings are fantastic.  

These are the gates to the city.  They are right next to the little, teeny tiny house Christopher columbus grew up in.

The home that Christopher Columbus grew up in.  Very,very small!  Three levels, each level the size of a average american bathroom.  Four Euros to see.  Hey,  we want our money back!

My friends Florence and Angie in CC's back yard.  Small house - Big yard - made the kid dream big and go out and discover a new world.

Some additional sights from Genoa.   Ahhhh!

Random memories.....

"You want how much for the taxi?"
"Stay close together, its late and this isn't a good area!"
"Italy is always a good idea in the Fall."
"I need to get some Euros., NOW"
"Where can we get a bus ticket."
"We will just take our luggage and ride the train to Savona.  No big deal it will be easy!"
"Janet, what's he saying?"


mark h said...

cool pics - thanks for sharing. We were only in Genoa long enough to catch a bus to Milan, so this is great to see!

Katey said...

Mom, I'm totally jealous, but glad you went and had fun!

Dani K. said...

SUPER JEALOUS. That lion you took a picture with reminds me of Narnia!

"Foooorr Naaaarrnniiaaa!"

sean said...

can't wait to hear more about it