Thursday, March 3, 2011

To Kindle Or Not To Kindle?

I love reading.  I love books.  I LOVE having a Kindle.  I remember years ago when the hubby came home from work and told me all about a demonstration he had seen on digital cameras and the possibilities.  I told him everything that was wrong with that idea.  Well we know how right I was on that one, don't we? Much like the digital cameras, when I first saw the kindle and other eReaders I thought there is no way that these are going to catch on.  Let's face it there is nothing like the feel and smell of a good book or the fun of browsing through the books store looking for the perfect book.

Then I was given a Kindle as a gift from my techie hubby.  I have to say it has been one of my favorite gifts of all time.  I will now address the questions I most often get when people find out I have one.

"Is it hard to read?" --  No, it is like reading a book but instead of turning a page you push a button. Oh and should the text be too small for your liking you can make it larger. Also best part about Kindle is that there isn't glare on the screen like on an iPad.

"Don't you miss the feel of a real book in your hands?" No, it is actually lighter and easier to handle than a book, especially if you are reading outside where pages would be flapping in the breeze. 

I take it with me everywhere.  I always have something to read.  A book, a magazine or if I'm being lazy I can play a word game.

I have classics ( many are free),   the scriptures, children's novels, Readers Digest and  a lot of other books.  

I browse books on Amazon and if I think I might be intersted in them I can save them to my wish list to purchase at another time.  I have found that the books are fairly priced.  I have only had two books that I wanted to buy that were not available on the Kindle.  They were both books for my book club that are very old and somewhat obscure.

Because of a very unfortunate event I no longer had my Kindle and have been without one for about Three weeks.  Today my new one arrives.  Can't wait.  I have been missing it.  Where are you Mr. UPS?  Oh and all my books that I had on my previous kindle are still in my Amazon account and will be reloaded onto my new Kindle.  I wonder if it will remember what page I was on in "Someone Knows My Name".  Well, if not I guess you can't have it all.

So do any of you have a Kindle or some other eReader.  What's the verdict?


Amanda said...

I've always wondered those same questions...until we got an iPad. I LOVE IT! I know it is a little different than a Kindle, but non the less it is wonderful! I am so happy you are getting a new one and that ALL of your stuff was saved. What a relief!

Sean said...

Stacey loves her kindle as well.

c strunk said...

LOVE to read! LOVE my Nook. I too experienced serious trepidation when even considering not have the feel and smell of a good book but my spectacular wife gave me the Nook as I was getting ready to travel several times in the space of a couple of months. It has been a sanity saver. It is amazing that a couple of near thousand page books do not make my luggage any heavier! It is also much cheaper to buy a book on the Nook than to pick one up in the airport out of desperation!

Jamie said...

Wow, what rave reviews!
I have been hesitant to get a Nook, Kindle or iPad due to the fact I love the feel and smell of the book in my hands.
But because of that a lot of books have been left behind while traveling due to their girth.
Guess it is time to breakdown.