Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's That Time

Yup, It's time to start thinking about that Perfect Halloween costume. I know most people dread Halloween, but not me! I love trying to think of fun costumes. No buying a package full of a pre-made costume. The best part about deciding early what you want to be for Halloween is that then you have lots of time to let the creative juices flow. You may be driving down the road and all of a sudden the perfect accessory for the costume will pop into your head. This picture of last years costume is a great example. I found the wig by accident. When I pulled it out of the unmarked bag at the store and put it on I could immediately see all the other customers salivating and waiting for me to put it down so they could snatch it up. Too bad for them. From there I went to one of my favorite places to find costume clothing - Ross (dress for less). Now I know many people shop there for real. I have found myself most successful there when I am looking for the absolutely outrageous. Hence, the funky shirt, Red Pants, and White shoes. The sunglasses were found at the costume shop a few years previous.

Danielle, likes no costume or a very understated one. The Artist outfit worked out great. She looked normal and didn't have to have weird make-up or embarassing clothing and she looked cute, cute, cute.

Katey is a girl after my own heart. Her idea came from her Evil clown school graduate t-shirt. This was a hand-me-down from Sean. We went crazy from there. She was really scary. I know there are some small children out there who will never be the same.

Below, is one of my all time favorites. These guys never want to dress up. It was some work talking them into it. They totally look the part in this picture. Sean even had the Napolean Dynamite Walkman and boots. Look at those faces. Ken definitely found his inner nerd for this one.

So what are you going to be this year? Better start thinking. Anygood ideas? Share them here. I love giving out ridiculous ideas to spruce up costumes.



Kathryn said...

I need help! I have my clown billy-bob teeth and a tattooed arm sleeve. Other than that I have nothing. I cannot think of anything.

Lisa K said...

It sounds like Katey may be in need of en Emergency Halloween Care Package!

Stacey Hawkes said...

NERD ALERT! the last picture of Sean and Ken is the best...I guess Sean's nerdiness runs in the family! i have never seen a better Napoleon Dynamite! The funny thing is that his hair is all natural. This year we want to be Nacho Libre and Encarnacio...any ideas?

Katey said...

there are luchador masks at hot topic in Idaho Falls... I dunno. I still haven't gotten anything.

Scott H. said...

I don't know if you guys watch heroes but if so, Ken kinda looks like Mr. Bennet (Claires dad), the guy with the horn rimmed glasses

Nicole Shelby said...

Lisa you are hilarious.

My fave all-time Halloween dress-up: when I was little (and I still remember this vividly) Ken and Dad dressed up like Wayne and Garth - complete head-to-toe costume details as well as the characterization. Ken saying "schwing" and Dad banging on everything with drumsticks...CLASSIC!