Sunday, October 21, 2007

Leadership Conference

This past weekend we were at Camp Hinckley in Running Springs. It was beautiful. The skies were blue and the leaves on the trees were beautiful colors. The temperature was perfect. (Yes, the same area where fires are now burning). We took the youth in the ward for a Leadership conference. We started with a great dinner, a Speaker (yours truly) and then we went to Ice Castle skating rink.

The skating was great. We had the whole place to ourselves. We had some great skaters and some not so great skaters.

On Saturday we had workshop with more great speakers and some group games to get the kids to work together. This one was really fun. They started out on the ground and had to try to stand up! Yes they did it.

Here is my girl and and her bud. Aren't they cute. We had another wonderful speaker to end the day (Yes, my main man) and then a testimony meeting.

These are the fabulous ladies that made it happen. I love these gals. They are so fun to be with. We went on a bear hunt Friday night and saw the big critter right in front of us. We scared him off in no time. We are all very brave.


Katey said...

aw... i miss home even more now.

stacy said...

The truth is, Lisa, who is ever so humble, had something to do with every part of that conference. What you may ask? opening comments, music at the skating rink,games, picture taking, slide show, and right hand woman to her husband during the closing remarks.

Your Awesome Lisa!