Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Girl

Wow! 18 years old. I can't believe my sweet little Katey Mae is 18. When she was small she would always say that she couldn't wait to be really old because old people are really nice. Well Katey girl you are still young but you are another year closer. You are already really nice. We celebrated with a rushed dinner and cake so we would make to the theatre in time to see WICKED. Of course it was a wonderful show and we all had a great time. Love you Katey.


Lynn said...

Are you back at school or home? you can come visit anytime you want. Love you honey.
Auntie Lynn

Jodi Jean said...

happy birthday katey lady -- my biorthday buddy. i hope you had a good one.

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Katey! you look so cute! I love your short hair! How do you like BYU Idaho?

Amanda said...

Wow, it's so weird that Lindsey and Katey are both 18. Seems like just yesterday they were skeeping over at each other's houses and playing dress-up.

Nicole Shelby said...


And I've been keeping up on Nat's blog...she is an amazing woman!

Good Luck with Sean's wedding...see you at the other reception!
Happy Day!