Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Day!

Today we got the long awaited pictures of our girl. She looks fabulous. She looks happy. I miss her.
For more pictures check out her blog.


Melissa said...

Wow she looks great!!! I love her tan it is awesome. It is so weird I have never seen Natalia with a tan..haha She looks happy and beautiful. What a great girl she is! Love ya!!

stacy said...

Sister Kirtley is livin' it up in Argentina!!! She looks fantastic.
I bet you both feel so relieved to see her looking so healthy and strong knowing full well her living conditions. She seems to be thriving. I don't know her well but she seems like a tough one! Now I know she is!!

Nicole Shelby said...

whoa! she looks so "missionary"...go NAT!