Sunday, March 30, 2008

Whale Watching

It was the end of spring break and so we decided we would go out sailing. A bit late but why not go out and look for a Whale! We started out early Friday morning and started to head down to Newport Harbor. Danielle was prepared with ipod and specs.

Katey was very serious about it She got out the binocs and started looking.... On the way out our seal friends wave good bye

and wished us luck.
We saw this huge cruise ship boarding. Amateurs - they have to go on that big old thing that has a chef, dancing and a pool.

No whales yet but a lot of great beach homes.

Lots of people fishing off the pier. But no one was catching any whale.

Once we got to Newport Harbor we saw this great little group of sail boats. We weren't sure if it was a race or a class.

Kayaker's - no whale

US Coast Guard, Orange County Sheriff and Fire department were all on hand and ready if we should see a whale.

I think these people were looking for a whale too .....
Everyone was out looking these ladies were working especially hard. Why does this kind of rowing look so awesome and fun. I know it is incredibly hard work but when you see it you can't help but want to try it.

These two were my favorite. This is Ken and I in our future retirement. Click on the photo for a close up . They were whipping around the place. The lady would count then blow her whistle and they would tack at the same time.
Katey couldn't take it. She was exhausted from hours of looking for that whale. Finally she dozed off and wouldn't you know it we finally see......


Julianna said...

Hilarious! Katey looks like Natalie in that sleepy picture.

Jodi Jean said...

at least your trip was successful!!!

stacy said...

You crack me up Lisa! I love the ending. Your a great story teller and have such a wonderful imagination. Keep on Keepin' on with the photography. Your photos look great.

Amanda said...

I'm laughing! I love you Aunt Lisa! Great pictures!

lori said...

that was one WHALE of a story!

no, WHALEY, i liked it!

it was WHALE written and full of suspense.

great pictures too!

WHALE, i must be going.

so little to do and so much time. . .

no, scratch that. . . rewind!