Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cactus: to have or not to have?

My girl Natalie loves cactus. I Don't. They just look --- well --- Ugly. So we have a pot on the patio that has the ever necessary Aloe Vera Plant. Natalie had a small cactus that was going to kick the bucket so she plopped it in the pot with the Aloe Vera plant. Now once a year I love cactus. It is the time of year when it has these incredible flowers. Is it too much or what? I was so happy to see these blooms the other day and of course think about Natalie working so hard in the freezing winter cold in Argentina (see blog). I should probably mention the amazing Aloe Vera plant because without sharing it's pot I wouldn't be enjoying its little pot partner. We have already used the Aloe Vera. Ken came home with a killer sunburn last week. We sliced up that spiffy Aloe Vera smeared it on the burn and the pain and redness was gone in a snap. No skin peeling later on either. So my ever humble advice. Don't just sit there go get a pot and an Aloe Vera plant today! It could be considered part of your emergency preparedness because what could be a bigger emergency than your whole fam damily crying because they fried themselves. Oops sorry did I get carried away?


Sean And Stacey said...

Yeah! That Aloe Vera plant saved my skin last summer after our beach day.

stacy said...

Okay, I am converted. Cactus can be pretty. Those photos are stunning.

Amanda said...

I didn't know cactus could be so pretty! how nice!!!!!

I need an aloe vera plant. I love the pictures!