Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer afternoon

We had a great Thursday afternoon. We took our friends out sailing. We weren't expecting much wind and thought we might have to motor around but when we got to Long Beach it was a different story. There was the perfect amount of wind, the temperature was perfect and the company ,You guessed it, perfect.

( Hey who is sailing the boat?)

On our way back in we were oh so close to a race. It was really fun to watch and the boats looked beautiful.

The sails on this boat were such a pretty color. The pictures don't do justice.


Sean And Stacey said...

Yeah! One more month and that will be us!

Those boats are beautiful. Your life seems perfect, perfect, perfect!

stacy said...


You took some great shots. Those boats were beautiful weren't they. It was so amazing being right in the midst of those boats as they took off. We had so much fun. Thanks for the great memories! Any time you need some company, we're there.