Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Well really this post isn't about Earth Day.  It's about a great day I had with Natalie and Sean.  We went to the Long Beach Aquarium and hung out with the fish and sea creatures and about 50,000 grade school children ( gross exaggeration).  They have critters that you can touch like sharks and bat rays.  

We checked out every square inch of the place.  

This photo is our favorite of the day.  It is the underside but looks like a face. In fact we decided it looks a little like Patrick on Sponge Bob minus the cool shorts.

All right---I will show you what I mean.  Now you see what I mean?

This picture is great.  Look at that little girl checking out Sean.  I think she is smitten.


After the Aquarium we rode our bikes all around the place and down to Belmont Shores for lunch.  The weather was perfect and the company even better.  I just wished the rest of the gang could have been with us but someone has to pay for my fun! 


Laura Brandler said...

i love aquariums, long beach is a good one. how nice to spend the day with the big kids! beautiful pics of course.

Sean and Stacey said...

That little girl better back off! Sean is taken! JK.

HAHAH! The pictures of Patrick are amazing!

Amanda said...

I LOVE aquariums!!! How fun for you guys!

That picture is so cute! It looks like he is smiling! What great pose! haha

Looks like fun!

Amanda said...

What a fun day! Love your pictures!

Natalie said...

That was a fun day. the patrick shorts were a nice touch. woot.