Sunday, April 26, 2009

Helping Hands

This Saturday our Stake did a service project.   Mormon Helping Hands.  My main man Ken was in charge.  We cleaned up an area in our community called Etiwanda Preserve.  People who should be using the area to enjoy nature have instead decided to use it to dump their trash.  So we all got to work for a couple of hours and cleaned the place up.

Here is Ken leading the charge by handing out our nifty vests-

Here is Natalie and Danielle getting their helping hands ready or maybe the police in the cars behind them told them to stick'em up?

Danielle trash picker upper extrodinaire

Natalie scanning the horizon for trash and Rattle snakes

What can I say - White Trash

Oh no- little shorts
Now some of you may think that the area we are in looks like a dirty, rocky, desert.  This time of year it is actually quite pretty.  There were wild sunflowers and all kinds of flowers in bloom.  The contrast of all the different colors is lovely and the view of the entire valley from where we were working was great.  Thanks Ken for a great project and thanks Natalie and Danielle for your help.  Katey sorry you couldn't join us but someone has to take care of the communities dry cleaning needs.



Amanda said...

What a great service project! I love the pictures!

SeAn K. said...

little Boy Short ...