Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Day

Natalie is home and waiting for her mission call to come. We are all anxious to hear the news. We had some serious damage done to some knees on Memorial day and Natalie lovingly administered first aid (the Band-aid kind). All is well. They were only necessary for a very short time as there was actually no bleeding of any sort.

Watermelon football was the name of the game. The big boys against......

The Big Kids.
It wasn't a pretty game. Everyone put up a good fight. All grabbing, choking, pushing, kicking , and near drowning was allowed.
In the end the Big Boys won.

We enjoyed the company of our dear friends. Good food but mostly great laughs and conversation.


RedRanger said...

I was glad we had this party. Even if it made our whole family completely exhausted at the end. I had a ton of fun. It's always exciting to see old friends.

Natalie said...

Watermelon football is not for the weak. I got truley beat up. It was all worth the fun though.

RedRanger said...

Did you notice (the very last photo) how white my legs are compared to the rest of my body? Sick.

Natalie said...

I noticed. Katey it runs in the family, except Danielle, who may just have gotten all the good luck in this family in regards to skin tone. Hmmm, more jealousy