Sunday, May 6, 2007

Books, Hair color, Jumping for Joy,Boo hoo, and Another one bites the dust!

Katey and I went with our great friends the Heath Family to the L. A. Times Festival of Books. It was incredible. Authors and books everywhere. Katey hit pay dirt meeting several of her favorite authors and having her books signed. It was on the UCLA campus which I had never been to. The buildings and grounds are beautiful. I can't wait to go next year. This is Stacey and I enjoying the Ghirardelli chocolate booth at the end of the day.

Danielle and Sydnee. These best buds put color on there hair last weekend. I am told that it is only good for about two weeks then washes out. Can you say "Double Trouble"?

I emailed this picture to Natalie the other day so she could send it in to the Church as her missionary photo. That's right, I said Mission. Yup, my girl is going to go on a mission. I am proud, happy, and in shock. I have to admit I was in lala land thinking I would never have to send off another missionary. It's tough on a mom (boo hoo) or at least this mom (boo hoo hoo). The great thing is that it is also exciting for a mom. I can't wait to help her get ready to go. I can't wait to hear were she is going. I can't wait to hear about all of the incredible experiences she will have. I can't wait to see how it will enrich and change her life for the good. I can't wait for her to come home. I will keep you posted......

Katey had school prom this weekend. Everyone was jumping for joy that it was finally here. They did pictures, dinner, and then prom. She had a great time with her friend Matt.

(photo courtesy of Lori Larson)

Sean's friend Braden was married on April 27th. Sean was the best man. His friends are dropping like flies. We are very happy for Braden. Our family wasn't able to be there. They were married in the Idaho Falls Temple. Sean was there and that is what really counts. We will all celebrate the happy event soon at a reception here. Sean is in another wedding in August. No--- not his---Scott's.


Natalie said...

You made me cry and you freaked me out with that whole wedding comment, for a second there I was afraid I hadn't been let in on a family secret. Love ya.

Nicole Shelby said...

Oh you crazy Kirtleys -
All of us growing up...every time we don't pay attention! I remember: meeting Nat-o in the swimming pool (not hitting it off) but lovin' her ever since...Katey reading to my Hannah, and seeing her pop up visiting Lindsey all the time...and my sisters calling Sean "Lover-Lips" and he'd turn bright red...and Dani being our flower girl and T calling her his "girlfriend" and saying how beautiful she is...and Ken biking with my dad, helping me grow up a little bit (even when I got exasperated with him - which was more me and not him), and trying so hard to be friends with HJ and Adam...and you, always a good friend to my Mommy, always with a smile...and somehow the ability to make my mother laugh to tears - even just thinking about you. You've all been an integral part of my life and growing up and I am grateful for you...

RedRanger said...

Did I ever score at that Festival of Books! I have only read 4 out of 7 books that I got signed. 3 by Corniela Funke and then Fablehaven by Brandon Mull. I've read Here, There Be Dragons now which was very good.

Prom was a blast!! I had a lot more fun than I had expected, to tell you the truth.

lori said...

what?! a mission?!! why haven't i been told until now?!!!

this is wonderful news! i am so excited for natalie!! i just know she will be an incredible missionary!!!

now for my friend the mommy. . .

lisa, i am already crying for you. boo hoo is right. having your kids grow up is so fun and exciting, but it is also sad. i don't know quite how to explain it.

however, a grown up is just a child with layers on. :)

it was great to see sean at braden's wedding. it makes my heart happy that they are such good friends. they are true friends to each other.

danielle's hair looks fun, however, she could dye her hair purple and she would still look adorable. she's darling no matter what she does.

katey looked radiant and beautiful for her prom! she is such a doll. i just love everything about her.

love you guys!