Friday, March 14, 2008

16 years!

Today is my baby girls 16th birthday. I love being the mom to this crazy teenager. It's all been good since we got through the phase where she couldn't get around on her own. Once she could walk and talk she never stopped and has been happy as can be. Happy Birthday Dano's. Love you.


Amanda said...

Happy birthday! Remember when we used to call you Dani? Well, I still do! 16 is so fun! Cherish these fun times!

Great picture!

Lisa K said...

Yes, I do remember when we called her Dani. Guess what! That it what she goes by at school now. We went from Dani to Danielle (kindergarten) to Elle (Middle School) back to Dani. Of course my favorite name for her has always been Danos.

Jodi Jean said...

happy birthday danos/dani/danielle!!

Nicole Shelby said...


Seriously, the most beautiful girl I know.

The cutest flower girl for our wedding.

The wearer of the infamous mexican plastic bag ensemble.

Wonderful with my kids.

Happy, friendly, amazing young woman.

Bella430 said...
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Lisa K said...

Thanks for all your very kind comments about Danielle. I will pass them on to her. Thanks also for being such great younger women who are an awesome example for her.

Julianna said...

Happy Birthday!!! Seeing your kids get older really makes me feel old. I still remember Ken and Troy at Aunt Kae's house tossing around Natalie like a football!!! Now your baby is 16!!!

stacy said...

We absolutely love Danielle. You can't help but smile when she is around. She has such a wit about her. I love that photo you took of her Lis, It really captures her beauty and her joy.

That one should be framed!!!