Sunday, March 9, 2008

Some Tangerine

Ok, so we planted a tangerine tree in our backyard when we moved in 8 years ago. It has never had a stitch of fruit on it. As most of you know we live in a really windy place. Yes it is like a huge wind tunnel. The wind batters that little tree and it just can't handle it. Well imagine my surprise the other day when I went out in the yard and noticed this for the first time.Thats right, one strong little tangerine that has given it's all to hang on and make it through. I don't know if I can even bring myself to eat it. It's like in the story Charlottes Web when they go out to the barn and see the fabulous spider web proclaiming "Some Pig" and it was a miracle. Well, I was just as shocked when I saw this tangerine. I can almost imagine a little face on it scrunched up holding on with all it's might as the gentle breeze gusts at 70 mph.


Jodi Jean said...

what a brave little tangerine!!!

Amanda said...

He's so cute! I can just imagine him saying to himself "I think I can, I think I can!!!!"

How cute!!!!

I love that there is only 1 on the ENTIRE tree! So fun!

If you eat it, I want to know about it!

Amanda said...
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Lynn said...

how funny. the poor little thing.

Nicole Shelby said...

Huzzah for tenacious citrus!

Hey Lisa - We just got an iMAC to replace our ridiculously old home computer. Jodi says you have one as well. Any advice/thoughts you'd like to share with me? I'd appreciate it. I've only ever heard good things about apple, but never owned one! It's all new and fun.

Thanks! Hope all is well for the Kirtley Clan!

Julianna said...

What a sweet little thing. We had a strawberry patch all year - the first year we moved into our house - and it only produced one little strawberry. I didn't eat it.