Friday, July 25, 2008

Channel Islands Here We Come

We are packing up and getting ready to go. This is not the half of it. Please note that all clothing and refrigerator foods are missing from this pile. Oh yeah and 4 kayaks and six people. Also please note that big fur blanket is not going. Here is some of our Kayaking gear. Ken is planning on defending us from a sea monster with that rather large scary knife. Good thing we have a first aid kit to go with that knife.

All the really important stuff has been packed: Dramamine, Oreo Cookies, Sunscreen, and bathing suits.


Katey said...

...and man was it a blast! although I didn't know that the Oreos were so important...I would have eaten more.

Ken said...

so, once on board, as captain, i needed to inventory the ship's supplies. to my delight i discovered not just one box of strawberry pop tarts but two! two! at home i'm the only one who likes the strawberry pop tart. am i the only one who loves finding a treat that no one else in the family likes? i mean, no worries about coming home from work and finding the last one gone...that last one which provided motivation through the day. nope. it's a beautiful thing to find something only you enjoy in a household of six.

so, you could imagine finding two boxes on board. i quickly ran the numbers and noted that i could have two a day during this vacation. wow! what a vacation this would be!

somewhere around day three of the vacation, i noticed that someone on board must have developed a sweet tooth for the beautiful strawberry pop tart. the supply dimensioning daily. soon, i was having to hide and ration what was left. finally, on Wednesday all strawberry pop tars were gone. scurvy nay! i managed somehow to suffer through the rest of the vacation and limped back to civilization. i've been encouraged to get help for my strawberry pop tart "problem" (it's been called that but i believe it's only a problem if we dont' have any). note to self: next year bring four boxes of strawberry pop tarts.