Friday, July 18, 2008

Two Day Get Away

We had a little two day get away that was great. We took Bella down to Corona Del Mar State Beach to practice anchoring. Danielle had a friend she met at EFY that was visiting Newport Beach so we picked her family up in Newport Harbor gave them the Harbor cruise then sent Danielle with them for the night.

Next we went over to Corona Del Mar to anchor. It went great. We actually worked good together and got it done in a jiff. Then we kayaked and cooked a really great dinner and relaxed.

This is the rope that was very tangled. Ken Untangled it. Lisa watched. Looks brand new like it had never been used. It is used now.
These are the paddles. They were new too. They aren't new anymore.

This is me in the kayak wearing my hunchback-push-up-life-vest. Looks great!

This is a strange sea creature that was swimming around near the boat. Don't tell anyone but I caught him and brought him home.

We had a great time. Ken swam onto the beach and then we took the Kayak out. We picked up Danielle up in the afternoon in the harbor and made our way back to Long beach. I was sun burned and pooped out when we got home and my brain is still rocking inside my head just a bit.


Jodi Jean said...

sounds fabulous!!

my ... what a strange sea creature ... it looks so scary!!


Adri said...

You guys seem to have so much fun! I'm really glad you started rating the books on your list with stars because I always go to your blog when I'm wondering what I should read next since I know how much you love books. I hope things work out with your new sea creature!