Friday, September 19, 2008

Artists at work

Danielle has always been a great artist. She had a non art phase for about 2 years. This phase started about the same time as High School and Waterpolo. This summer she started spending time being her artistic self again and now she is taking art in school.

Mark is our fabulous friend who just graduated with a degree in Art. He is hoping to teach art at a High school or Jr. college someday soon. He got his hands on this huge tarp and has been going crazy with splattering paint. He has done some incredible art using his paint flinging. (sorry for all the technical art talk) He invited Danielle over to experiment and have some fun getting really messy with paint.

Lisa (that's me) was very happy to have Danielle go to Marks house to make messy with paint. I start to hyperventilate when paint, dye, mud or other messy things are flying at my house.

These are some pics of some of the fun they had.

Love that orange and yellow. You can't tell from the pictures but Danielle's hands and feet were covered with paint and splatters.

This is all the fun paint and other gooey things and tools Danielle had to work with.

Here they are making art magic. Mark is a great teacher. Great suggestions, encouragement and crazy paint flinging are just a few of his talents.

What does it need now?

Danielle had a blast and can't wait to do it again. Thanks Mark for being so much fun and sharing you paints, canvas, tools and driveway. Thanks Connie for finding that outrageously huge tarp and bringing it home to Mark. Thanks Danielle for being so cute even with a big orange dot on your face.


Jodi Jean said...

how awesome that danielle could come over and fling paint with my dad! i can't wait to see what she did!

Connie H said...

I'm glad danielle got to come and create. Mark has so many ideas for art in his head and he loves to share. I'm glad she has the talent and desire to fling paint. And lisa that you shared fun pics with us, I don't take many. I can't wait for danielle to see her finished pic that she left to dry. It's awesome in a flingy way.

Heidi Maloy said...

Looks like fun... it's always fun to make messes- especially at someone else's house!