Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scary People

It's been a while since I posted a favorite children's book. I had the luxury last week of spending some time in the children's book section at Borders just browsing through some great books. I found this new little treasure hot off the press.

the little bit SCARY people
written by Emily Jenkins and illustrated by Alexandria Boiger

Some people are a little bit STRANGE,
or a little too LOUD,
or a tiny bit MEAN.
Some people are just
But I bet
if you knew them--
if you knew what they like for breakfast,
and how they treat their pets,
and how they sing along to show tunes
or read cowboy stories on the couch--
then you
you'd know that maybe
most people aren't so scary after all.

The illustrations are perfect and go along with the great message of the book.

People really aren't that scary at all.


Laura Brandler said...

I love children's books too! This is darling and has a great message. I'd like to have it in my collection. Love going to the book store too, I could and do spend hours there just browsing.
Dinner last night was fun and I loved seeing all of you. Let's do it again soon.

Amanda said...

I am a sucker for kids books! I have a ton of them. I bought a lot before I even had a kid! I have to restrain when I go into borders, I could go broke there!!!

This book sounds cute!!!!

These are the most recent books that I have bought

On the night you were born



they make me cry!

Lynn said...

ok everytime you post about a new childrens book i run out and buy it. so, thanks for the great list of books. my grandkids all love them. so thanks thanks thanks.