Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday and Tuesday

We wanted to get down to the boat on Monday and Tuesday and chillax. We were a bit worried because there was reports that it was going to rain on Tuesday. It ended up being beautiful. We didn't take the boat out --no wind again!

I do look like a gimp here. Why is my hand like that? I think that big muscle on Ken's arm got in the way.

Oh wait this is better - sort of.

Oh look, we had our friends with us . Connie.


Ken enjoying the view at the top of the bridge. We decided to ride our bike to the Queen Mary.

We started out on the left side where all those boats are and ended up on the right where the big boat is.

Now there is a job for you. Painting the smoke stack of the Queen Mary.

Look Ken has tricks.


Sean and Stacey said...

In the last picture Ken is saying, "Look Lisa, No Brain!"

Bella430 said...

hey! i resemble that remark!

Connie H said...

Thanks for a much needed getaway with great friends. The bike rides were adventurous (I'm missing the no fear gene, so I wasn't following the leader very well!) The pre-holiday over eating helped with expanding the amount of food I was able to eat Thursday. Thanks again.