Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our Weekend

We went out to the boat this weekend and didn't even take it out of the slip! The weather was gorgeous but there wasn't a lick of wind. The temperature was not to hot, not to cool, but just right. Fortunately we had brought our bikes with us so we spent our time exploring the place.

These are some pics from our ride:

The Circus was in town:

Check out the guy on the bike, he should look familiar. He was a great sport. I would ride then stop and take pictures for a while and he would just ride circles around me and wait patiently.

We found this path that we hadn't been down before. It really was that shiney:

This was at the end of the path:

The Long Beach Aquarium:

Here is my trusty bike, but check out that antique right next to it. You don't see a pay phone very often these days.

Oh I did get a shot of myself.


Laura Brandler said...

What a fun time. I would love to get a bike. You guys are so cool, always something doing something fun. Dinner was so yummy and the company fabulous.

Jen said...

Hi Lisa!
It's Jeny, Kelly's daughter. How are you? I found your blog a while back from the family website Amanda had for a long time. I come to your blog every time you post something new and I am always impressed so much with your pictures!! I am trying to be a good photographer:) Anyway, hope you are all doing well and CONGRATS on Prop 8!! Good job!!

Julianna said...

You should sell your photography.