Sunday, December 14, 2008

2nd Saturday Art Walk

This is the 2nd Saturday Art Walk in Downtown Pomona. If you want an interesting excursion this is it. It doesn't matter how old you are, what you look like, where you come from, where you are going, what you are wearing or what you want to wear. You will fit into this crowd.

The 2nd Saturday the galleries stay open until 9:00.

We dragged Danielle along and after we were there for a while told her she was never allowed to come down here without us. No not even with friends. We had visions of her saying to her friends, " hey you want to go to a really funky place and see freaky stuff?"

Here are Connie and Mark. This was Marks idea. Good idea Mark.

This is "your grandma is a cow".

There was a gallery that was doing a tea ceremony. They had all kinds of tea sets. They were really amazing. The color on this one was gorgeous. The picture doesn't do it justice. I think this was Armstrongs Gallery.

The exhibit at the American Museum of Ceramic Art was my favorite. They had an exhibit :
On the River Through the Valley of Fire, Works by Frank Boyden and Tom Coleman. The ceramic pottery was beautiful and interesting. They also had a great movie going showing how the pottery was made. Here is an example:

There was a very bright moon out and a lot of interesting sights. This was taken by the Glass House. There was also a very interesting parade. Let me see if I can describe it accurately. People dressed like Angels and Devils. A black Hearse. A man dressed in white with large feathery white wings ( think of John Travolta in the movie Michael). The white winged guy is pushing a large something or other with a fire burning in it. Everyone was chanting "we are going to burn the devil down". Strange since most of the people were dressed like the devil or carrying large devil pictures. Hence the remark made to Danielle about never going down there without us. All the galleries weren't high class. One of them was selling art for $5.00 -$15.00.

Finally we stopped at a Mexican Bakery. They were doing a booming business. There was an entire wall covered with cases full of Mexican pastries. You just grab a large tray and some tongs and pull out what you want. They were huge and only 30 cents. Ken got a yummy cinnamon pastry and Danielle went for the Mexican Mango Popsicle which I will add was $1.30. We splurged on her since she had been such a good sport.

At the end of the evening we were lucky to get out of there without trouble from the Popo since these two were up to no good.


luntfam said...

Poor Danielle had to get dragged all around with her parents. Haha jk! That actually looks like a way, rad place. Sounds like a good time too.

Sean and Stacey said...

We are still trying to figure out if the peg leg is fake or if we shouldn't be joking about this because there has been a terrible motorcycle accident!-Stacey

"Stacey is cracking herself up"- Sean

Laura Brandler said...

I love old town Pomona, especially since they are improving it. Night time can get crazy, Danielle really should never go there alone.
Another fun time had by the Kirtleys!

Amanda said...

Wow, looks like a neat place! Love the last picture! I started singing the theme to Cops when I saw it. "bad boys, whatcha gon, whatcha gonna do" haha