Monday, December 15, 2008

December Sunday

Danielle decided to make sugar cookies. We took the easy way out with this.

Just add water and eggs, and a cup of flour if you want to roll them out. This below is our Flour bucket and our Just add water pancake mix bucket. Ooops! Danielle didn't know. she liked the way the blue clear bucket looked so thats what she used for her cup of flour.The dough tasted ok so we figured the cookies would.

Look at that girl go.
They tasted very good and yummy.

I was wrapping presents while she decorated.


Laura Brandler said...

I'm jealous, no chaos. What a nice way to spend Sunday, a daughter baking, beautiful atmosphere, while wrapping presents. Perfect. That's gunna be me next year for sure.

Lisa K said...


Don't be jealous just come on over. You can hang out with us anytime and we can talk and dream about your beautiful new remodel that will be done before we know it.

Amanda said...

How fun!!!! At least she didn't add a cup of baking soda like Mallory did once to cookies. YUCKY!

Love the pictures. Your house was always so festive!

Laura Brandler said...

I would love to come over and just hang out, maybe after the xmas week. I am babysitting my grandkids next week. We are almost done and then I'll pass the torch over to you guys. The torch is all I learned, the magazines and the best contractor ever. I wish I would have had him. Then you can come relax at my house while your redo your kitchen!