Friday, December 5, 2008

I tried, guess what I've been doing, and another book

First matter of business --- I tried. I tried to change the background color of my blog and I couldn't handle it. I just like the bright white. It looks clean and matches everything. So enjoy the white.

Guess what I've been doing?

That's right -- Christmas decorating. Ok, can I just say it was exhausting. Dragging out all the boxes. Going through them and hucking and chucking all the old cruddy stuff that I don't want any more. Then deciding where to put it all. And why does it make such a mess. Anyways at the end of day 1 I had everything done but no tree up yet. I was pooped. Day 2 I put the tree up and now I can finally enjoy . I also have the pine scented candle burning to make me think I have a real tree.

I love to see all the ornaments. Many have special memories. This one was always on our Christmas tree when I was growing up. It is a little pixie fairie. It was one of my favorites and I can remember I always wanted to be the one who got to hang it on the tree. Thanks Mom for giving it to me!

This next ornament was given to Ken and I the year we were married. We had the saddest little Charlie Brown Christmas tree and this may have been the only ornament on it.

The sad part is that it actually fell off the tree and broke ( the floor was asphalt tile). I was so sad. Right after christmas I was with my Mom and they had the same ornament at the store for something like 75% off. We were so poor but I was able to scrape up the small amount to replace the broken one. It says Christmas is quiet moments together. I think that should be our theme this year. I like the idea of a quiet Christmas with the ones I love most.

And finally.........

Another Christmas book recomendation. Olivia Helps With Christmas by Ian Falconer. I think I could have used some help from Olivia or maybe not! This book is so funny. I love Olivia. I think everyone knows at least one child like her. The illustrations are really telling the story while the words tell us another story.

The best picture is the last one in the book but I am not going to give it away. Go to the library or bookstore and check it out for yourself. You will love Olivia's enthusiasm to help and maybe understand a little better where your own children are coming from when it may seem like they aren't any help at all.


Amanda said...

I agree. Decorating for Christmas is a whole lot of work, but so worth it when you're done! Looks great!

Suzie Gamboa said...

Lisa, You have such mad blogging skills! You are a great blogger, and you make me want to do better.
I'm sure your house looks like Winter Wonderland...good job getting the decorations up.
And congrats on the new job as Primary Pres. What fun!! See you New Years Eve!

Laura Brandler said...

What why didn't you tell me? P.P! You will be the best ever! And I was at your house and it did look like a winter wonderland, beautiful, warm and cozy too. I enjoyed it so much, I stayed till after 11pm! Sorry, I enjoy you guys too much!

lori said...

ooooo, so pretty! i need to come over and see your decked out home! you always do such fun and amazing things!

no, i do not have this olivia book! i thought i had them all too. olivia is also one of my favorites. i can't wait to go get me a copy of this book myself. how fun! thanks for the info!

Amanda said...

I remember you always had such a pretty tree when we were growing up! I love your pictures! I should take some like that of my tree. What kind of lens do you have? I want to get a portrait lens.