Sunday, January 18, 2009

Is it really January 18th?

Hi to all my friends who follow my blog. I have taken a huge break from my blog and now I think I'm back. I want to just do a little recap of our holidays. Not so much that you care but it gives me a chance to re-live it! So here goes.

First our family was here for Christmas.... meaning, Sean and Stacy and Katey. It was so fun to have a full house again. I know I posted about the HoHo Parade. We also decided to take the kids to see the Christmas lights. We were sure Stacey had probably never seen anything like it. We were right. Ken thought we could just drive down the street so he wore his pajamas, overcoat (from his mission) and his Croc's. Oops! He had to get out and walk but there were enough crazy people that it didn't matter. The real interesting part was when we got home the Jones family had stopped by to Christmas Carol. They got to see in his snazzy get up. In fact he just joined their family in the singing so they wouldn't sound so absolutely perfect. Here are some of the Pics:

Ok that was a fun little trip down Memory Lane. Next Christmas. Santa was good to all of us and we had a peaceful, fun day. Some new toys. Some bigger than others. Kens Big! Seans little! I got a new lens. Here you can see I need practice because Sean is in focus, Stacey is not in focus. Danielle got a dog---finally. It is the best little dog ever. Katey spent the day giving us great poses and fashion shows The highlight of our Christmas day of course was our phone call from Natalie. It was so wonderful to talk to her. We miss her and are really counting down the days until she comes home.
This is what she said they do in Argentina for christmas. At midnight on Christmas eve it sounds like a war zone because the entire city is setting off fireworks. I guess it makes sense since it is hot and summer and a lot less expensive than piling a bunch of gifts under a tree. These Argentinians might be on to something.
Now of course I you all know we couldn't possibly get through the Christmas vacation without some time spent sailing. Unfortunately we didn't have much wind. But a good harbor cruise is also good for the soul. Stacey's family was in San Diego for the New Year so we took them out and really enjoyed their company. They are a fun family and all have a great sense of humor. There was a "What About Bob Moment" and there was some bird feeding going on.

It was chilly out so we made sure that we were prepared with our warm clothing. Here Sean and I are modeling some items that we both wore in the 90's. How cool are we?
Finally, Last night we (Ken, Katey, and I and our friend Kyle) stopped in for a race or two at Angel stadium. The Supercross races were in town. Good racing, great people watching. Katey is all about the laser show and big fire. Ken is all about the racing. Well that's it folks. Aren't you glad that you have a secret password to get into this blog. I know this was so edifying and gratifying and stimulating to read about my last month. Thanks for stopping by and just remember it can only get better.


Rosalee said...

I seriously dig the '90s styles here. We should do a "throwback fashions" event, just to see what we can all dig out from our past...probably deep, dark, awful treasures we all used to think were fabulous!

Amanda said...

What fun holidays! I'm so glad (almost) everyone got to be together!!

Ken said...

wow...we had a ton of fun i those two weeks didn't we? how about a do over? ;-) great post!