Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Contest and an Amazing Prize

I was on my way home from work and listening to my ipod in my car. It had been on the same playlist for about forever! I decided I couldn't listen to Duffy or Sara Barreilles one more time. I needed something different, something I love, something I could really sing to, really belt out. Of course, I needed ......Celine Dion. 
Now I know many of you are concerned about this and quite possibly some of you may have thrown up in your mouth. Here is my confession. I love Celine Dion music. I rarely listen to it anymore but anytime I do I am reminded about how much I love her. So Celine it was and I cranked it up and sang along very loudly and happily and with lots of drama. She has some awesome songs to just sing-a-long to. 

So while singing along to "All by myself" I started to think about the movie Bridget Jones Diary (yes, I watched it on tv edited). Aren't you amazed that I at this point I am doing three things at once -- driving, singing, and thinking. Anyways, at the begining of the movie Bridget is sitting in her living room watching tv and she just starts to belt out the very same song  along with the tube and uses her remote as a microphone. Its so funny. (little known fact: in the movie it is not Celine Dion singing it is Jamie O'neal). Now stay with me here....this got me to thinking of great sing-along moments in movies. You know what I'm talking about. Where a character is lip syncing or just a great musical moment (no I'm not referring to High School Musical!). So after Bridget Jones my thoughts went to none other than Ferris Beuller. I totally want to be him on the Parade float with the entire city singing along with me. How cool was that? Another favorite...About a Boy. It is so cool when Hugh Grant goes out on stage and saves his little friend from the most embarrassing moment ever singing "Killing Me Softly With His Song". He even sings with his eyes closed. Finally Bohemian Rhapsody in Waynes World. I love Queen and well, Wayne and Garth, they are hysterical. I do want to give a big shout out to Jack Black in School of Rock as well. (hey click on the green ones for video of what I'm talking about).

I have had some  experience personally with public singing although I don't know that they were great sing-along moments ......

First impersonating another personal favorite  Abba - the crowd really loved singing-along to Waterloo.
Next an original group .... The Dixie Hicks

The next two gigs were more in the line of Singing Telegrams.....

Now here is the contest. I am not going to ask you to do any public singing.  I want to hear from you what your favorite sing-along music in the car is and your favorite music moment in the movies. Really I do. I don't want you to be shy about it either after all I bore my soul to you and confessed about Celine.

The prize.....I will mail to the winner a homemade CD of my five favorite Celine Dion sing-a-long songs. I am dead serious. Now lest you not make a comment for fear of winning the prize let me say I will include a top secret prize along with it that everyone will want. Please remember that the more comments I get the less likely you are to win. So COMMENT.   I will do a random drawing for the winner.  This contest ends whenever I feel like it.


Sean and Stacey said...

I like to sing Kelly Clarkson as loud as possible in my car when I'm by myself! I have since American Idol. wonder I have no friends.

korie said...

I love Christmas music in the car way too much. I start listening to in in October and I still have Jenny Oaks Baker's Christmas CD in there now. I also love to listen to any calming music(ie church stuff). Especially when my girls have on their head phones and I can have some peaceful time.
When we're rocking out in the car I've gotta say I love country. Not many of my friends do. But my kids don't judge me (yet!) I am a huge!!! Tim McGraw fan.

I am not very original in my musical choice I love 'The Sound of Music.' It reminds me of my childhood. I love to make my kids watch it sometimes on a Sunday.
Oh and I do love HSM. We went to see it on ice and I think I had more fun then the kids.

Okay here's my movie choice. I love the music in the movie 'Fools Rush In.' I really like Elvis and a little Spanish flair.

And as if this comment isn't long enough.... Nathan and I danced to Celine at our wedding.

Not sure I'm trying to win the prize or that you cared to know all that was fun for me to share :)

lori said...

ok, i finally made it over to your PRIVATE blog! i feel sooo much safer now. it's a good thing too with all these horrid pics you have posted here of us! :)

ok, as for the contest... i have been known to belt out every word to abba, def leppard, billy idol, the bee gee's, neil diamond, tesla, aerosmith, bryan adams, wang chung, rick springfield, michael jackson, blondie, joan jett, of course air supply, and the mormon tabernacle choir just to name a few. :)

as for my favorite music moment in the movies... i don't know... does the sound of music and dancing in the rain with gene kelly count? OHHH, how about "i say a little prayer" -dionne warwick from my best friends wedding?! that was a good one!

Amanda said...

Can I just say....celine dion rocks. My roommates and I would blast her music and sing along to all her songs. I love them all. Especially power of love. right on.

When I'm driving, I really love to sing along to...Rob Thomas "lonely no more". when I would go to work at the hospital, it was the last song I would play before turning my car off. it gave me some sort of power to face the day.

Another song that is great to jam out to.....Jump by Van Halen. I want to get crazy when i hear that song.

My favorite movie singing moment......on the wedding singer "Love stinks". Love it. My roommates and I in college walked around to all of our classes on single awareness day, aka valentines day and sang that song. we rocked the campus of ricks college. what a sight!

Katey said...

Okay, my movie moment...Footloose. You can't help but belt out to that! And the dancing makes you just want to move right along with it.

My embarrassing belt out moments...backstreet boys and Celine Dion. I am a huge Backstreet Boys fan (way embarrassing). Billy and my room mates could hardly stand it! hehe.

Lisa K said...

OK, so far while reading every comment I am thinking me too! I have fond memories of Katey and Lindsey belting out the Backstreet boys in the car when they were younger. I didn't realize they still are one of your favorites. Kelly Clarkson - yes, Abba - Yes, Rob Thomas - yes. I went to a private Matchbox20 concert and they were awesome. Country music -totally. I love how you can hear a country music song for the first time and still are able to sing a long to it. OK hopefully we will get a few more comments in before the big drawing for a winner.

Connie H said...

You mentioned it so i won't claim it but Queen still reminds me of Natalie and Jodi singing along all the way to Rosarito Mexico, what a pair.

My favorites to belt out (this will show some age) Billy Joel and Sweet Baby James (James Taylor). And if it's cleaning day--Pointer Sister, they just get you moving and singing.

Love the pics

Rachel said...

I love all kinds of music and almost always have music playing in my house all day. I hate to clean my house without music blasting and since I am always cleaning my house, it is always on. The kids and I take a dancing/singing break in the middle of whatever we are doing.

My country favs are Dixie Chicks, Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, George Strait and Carrie Underwood.

Grew up on Madonna and U2.

I love musicals like Wicked, Les Miserables, Secret Garden, Music Man and Sound of Music. Most recently High School Musical.

Movies with music I love are
1. Top Gun- you've lost that lovin feeling
2. Ferris Buellers Day Off- parade
3. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (must see of Helen Hunt and Sarah Jessica Parker before they were really famous)
4. Footloose
5. Grease
6. Annie

I am also known to rock out to church music. Most recently Hilary Weeks or Reflections of Christ.

Rachel said...

I forgot Rocky and "Eye of the Tiger"

Julianna said...

My faves:

In the car I love to BELT Nsync. *putting on the paper bag* They are my guilty pleasure and I love, love, love them. I have all of their albums, plus a mix album that Craig made for me. I even have bobble heads, folders, Valentines, greeting cards, and a video of their Maddison Square Garden concert.

My favorite movie/music scene is from Say Anything. My favorite song of all time is Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes and watching cute little John Cusak hold the ghetto blaster above his head...well it doesn't get much better than that!

Scott H. said...

alright Lisa, I accept your challenge, my belt-out music in the car is a little different than everyone else's so here's my list:
- Andrea Bocelli (in Spanish with the windows down, love him)
- Scary Kids Scaring Kids, you wouldn't like em, but I love their music
- Bad Religion, favorite punk band, and probably favorite band ever, I'll belt out any of their songs
- Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, already mentioned, but with fervor I repeat it
- The Show Must Go On by Queen
- Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi
- And anything by Flight of the Conchords (formerly the second most popular folk parody band from New Zealand) they are hilarious
- I've got 5221 songs on my iPod so this is the short list

- Claire de Lune at the end of Ocean's 11 (the song playing while each individual slowly walks away from the fountain at the Belagio)
- Tango de Roxanne from Moulin Rouge
- Cello song from Master & Commander
- "Can't take my eyes off of you" by Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You (as he runs up and down bleachers)
- Bond theme in any Bond movie

Anyways, hope that is enough of too much information for ya, can't wait for that Celine Dion CD to come now...hehehe

Jen said...

OH this is too fun and such perfect timing for me...I just got my first ipod nano the other day and am in desperate need of good ideas for music to put on it so I love reading everyone's favorites!!
Some of mine are
Enya (Orinoco Flow)
Sarah McLachlan
Tim McGraw
Faith Hill
Josh Groban
Definitely Celine Dion!
and about a hundred more :D