Saturday, December 26, 2009


This month just flew by. Here are a few photos of December:

Natalie building gingerbread house.

Sean and Stacey

I made a quick trip to Rexburg. Stacey decorated their first Christmas tree.

Katey had appendicitis and just like that they took it out
Dani had her friends over. They hang out in the laundry craft room a lot.
They eat paninis a lot.
The Ho Ho Parade came and Katey and Sparky hit it off.
I made treats for the Primary teachers.

Dani made sushi for her friends.

It was rainy and stormy a few days.
Dani got a Zhu Zhu. She is in love.
Here are our girls on Christmas.
We had a wonderful Christmas. Sean and Stacey were missed but they were safe and happy so it's all good. Hope you all had a happy Christmas with your loved ones.


Laura Brandler said...

looks like the perfect month at your house, you kitchen is even spotless!! glad you had a nice christmas~happy new year to all!

Sean and Stacey said...

I love the sushi idea! How cute. Cute pjs girls! Wish we were there.