Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fancy Nancy Is Back!

I love Fancy Nancy and she is back with a Splendiferous Christmas. Vocab Words: Aroma, Heirlooms, Delectable, Improvise and of course Splendiferous. I love, Love, Love the illustrations and it's a great story too.

Need an idea for an activity? Look no further than in the story itself. Make your own heirloom tree topper just like Nancy's.

Did I mention that I adore (that's fancy for like, love, and very fond of) the illustrations?


Laura Brandler said...

i love fancy nancy too! my grandaughters have some of her books and i saw this advertised somewhere and wanted to get it for xmas for them. she is so cute!

Lynn said...

my grandkids love fancy nancy. I didn't know they had a christmas book out. looks like i have to go buy it. thanks for all the great book ideas.

Julianna said...

I haven't ever read one of these books, but would they be good for my girls... 3 and 5?

Lisa K said...

Julianna, They would be perfect for your girls. Especially age 5.