Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Spirit of christmas

The Spirit of Christmas written and illustrated by Nancy Tillman is a beautiful new-must-have christmas book. As with all her work the illustrations are beautiful. Even more beautiful is the message that the most magical gift of the season is when we spend Christmas with those we love.

Today is the day to start your Advent Calendars. Here are a few that I have seen that I love!

From Allsorts

Ok so that one is a bit ambitious, so try this one. I love it and I think your kids will too! They could each make their own. From Maya*Made

No time to make something? How about this cutie from Target.

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Heidi Maloy said...

My kids fight over who gets to move the little Candy Cane on our advent Calendar... and Nicole just sewed together some simple little bags that we are going to use for our Twelve Days of Christmas countdown (I didn't want to come up with 24 activities and treats, lazy I know, but the bags are cute and simple.) I love the little felt garland idea- SO cute! Maybe a project for next year though... I can't keep up with this year's list!