Friday, January 21, 2011

No Bull!

Malaga, Spain

This was the first stop on our cruise ( You know the one I took clear back in october).  Malaga has a Castle 


and of course -- Shopping!

The main stop in Malaga was the Plaza de Toros La Malagueta
or for you Gringos - the place where the bull fighting happens!

This is inside the bull fighting ring

Nice comfy seating

This was a fantastic place and a lot of fun.  When we first arrived we gave them our money at the door and just started exploring.  Out of nowhere came a man who had an official looking uniform, not teeth and a whistle.  He started blowing his whistle and telling us to get out of the ring.  Then he told us we could get a tour and go to the museum.  He took us to the museum and handed us over to a little tiny old man.  He brought out a cape and let us all hold it.  They weigh a ton!  Janet asked him about the cape and he said it was his from when he was a Matador!  Then he went in the office and got a picture of himself as a young Matador.  Oh the ladies all went wild.  He was a rock star!!!!  I think he was very flattered by all the attention.  The museum was amazing.  These matadors are very tiny people.  Their clothing is so elaborate and beautiful and smalllllll.  The only thing missing at the Plaza de Toro was a bull.  Well except for the one that I was able to tame so easily (and that's no bull).

Malaga is a beautiful lush city.  The parks and walkways were lovely.  They really know how to shade their walkways.

This photo would be much funnier if we really hadn't almost missed the ship.  Yup leaves port at 7:00 pm and we were the last two on the ship at 7:01.  Dang Americans.

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