Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wednesday Wars

Me and my Bro circa 1966

Air raid drills, vietnam, Martin Luther King, flower people, cream puffs, Bobby Kennedy, and Shakespeare all rolled in to a great story.  The Wednesday Wars is a children's novel that took me by surprise.  I loved this book that takes place in the 60's.  It is for children ages 8-12 but I say ages 8-101.  It is the story of Holling Hoodhood and his seventh grade year in Jr. high with a teacher who"hates his guts".  She tortures him with pounding erasers and Shakespeare and just like Shakespeare at times the book is a laugh out loud comedy and at other times a tragedy.  If you were in grade school in the 60's you will relate to the air raid drills and climbing under the school desks with your hands over your head waiting for the bell to ring.  If you didn't grow up during that time then you will get a feel for what it was like.  This book has some great laughs, great characters and inspiring moments.  

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