Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Boy

Sean was here for the week between semesters. It was fun to have him here. He brought Stacey and showed her around our little corner of California. The usual: the beach, In-n-Out, Hiking, dirt bike riding, The Getty, and the jacuzzi. Now he is back in Idaho for his summer semester. He took his mountain bike and a Dirt Bike with him. Remember Sean - Focus!

1 comment:

lori said...

what cute pictures of these two.

it was a pleasure meeting stacey. she is a darling girl.

and sean. . . well, sean is just so easy to love! he is just the best guy. speaking of which, he is soon to be the best guy/man at braden's wedding! can you believe it?! wahoo! when did they get so grown up?

love you guys.