Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Salt Lake City

We had a great time this last weekend in Salt Lake City. The family made the trek up to SLC on Thursday to enjoy LDS General Conference. The weather was perfect! Troy and Connie were also in town and the O.S. (Other Sister) Lindsey came to visit. We visited our Grandma Memmott, saw the Joseph Smith movie, and had lots of laughs. The only other thing that would have made it perfect would have been to have Sean and David with us and of course all the rest of you too. The conference was wonderful. What a fantastic memory this will be.


Lynn said...

How fun. the pictures are so pretty. wow the girls have sure grown up fast.

i have to tell you lisa, every time i go to sign in on your blog i forget my pass word so i have to start a new account every time.

about the book reading, i need help. i am not a book reader. i either start a book and never finish, hate the book, and a lot of other stupid reasons, but i want to start making that a hobby so, where do i start????

lori4kidz said...

wow, what beautiful pictures! i love the one of the temple and the spring blossoms. temple square is always beautiful no matter what the season!