Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Apple Blossoms

We finally had some rain this last weekend and at the same time our Apple blossoms arrived. the rain is now gone and it has heated up here and just a few blossoms remain. Good news, Katey passed her drivers license test today. Now she just needs something to drive.


Natalie said...

How about a big slimy booger- as is the Kirtley children's driving tradition. Only I know Danielle will find a way around it.

RedRanger said...

She already has Natalie. Her words:

"Natalie will be leaving on a mission. She won't be able to take her car with her. So, I will just drive her car. It's a whole lot better than the ugly booger."

She won't even drive with me from seminary to school because she doesn't want to be seen in it.