Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Costume Rescue Day 2

Today's suggestions is to consider all things animal! You can go all out like this professional and get the whole big hairy suit and buck teeth. My guess is that this costume is quite the investment plus look what it is doing to the kids. The boy is mesmerized ( i think it's love), The baby is so scared she is eating her hand and her eyes are bugging out, and The girl has gone completely crazy.

Now look at this cute little critter. White sweat suit from Walmart. The ears and nose were purchased at minimal cost probably at a place like Joannes fabrics. A piece of pink felt was cut out ond attached to the shirt and a Pom Pom pinned onto the bum for a fluffy tail. White make- up and you have a real cutie pie.

Oh look here are some more critters. Please pay extra attention to the addorable little black kitty in the front of the line. A black leotard with ears , tail, black gloves and bow make up this kitty costume. Ignore that green thing behind the kitty. Oh look another bunny, and of course the ever famous (store bought) dancing hippo.

So can you think of an animal you might like to be for Halloween?


Amanda said...

Another awesome idea! I think Peyton is going to be a black kitty this year.

Laura Brandler said...

I love the pictures of the kids, they are so cute. I made some pretty cool costumes in my day too.

Amanda said...

And I think that "green thing" is my sister dressed up as a hula girl! LoL