Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Costume Rescue

This post is for all you Halloween hating people. Why do you hate it? Because you can't think of a costume. I know that this is it. This is the single thing that kills it for you. Well I love costumes. I love putting together a costume. Once I decide on an idea those creative juices get flowing and the possibilities are endless.

For the rest of the month everyday I am going to post at least one picture of a possible Halloween costume idea. Today I am going to start with a picture of the costume I wish I had this year. This is actually a picture one of my kids took at Disneyland.

Cruella DeVille:

What's not to love? The wig is black on one side and white on the other, the coat (to die for), the red gloves, and finally the makeup are all just perfect. Now I do think she needs a couple of stuffed animal dalmations in a cage to carry around.

Now for an idea. How about this cute Frankettestein! This was an idea in American Girl Magazine about 10 years ago. Lets start at the top. Rat that hair and spray. Put a white streak in the front of the hair. Paint face green then add some stitch marks. Take a piece of ribbon and glue two wooden spools painted silver to the ribbon and tie to neck. This makes the bolts on the neck. Long sleeve turtle neck. I like the purple to go with all the green. Green tights with the stitching drawn on them and then some chunky black boots. I loved this costume. (Note on the face paint. I buy theatre paint at a costume store. It looks like a container of green eye shadow. You get a wet paint brush rub it on the green then paint on the face. You can scratch your face and it doesn't get on any think else. Not slimy at all. It dries in a way that you can't even feel it on your face. It washes off with soap and water.)

Here is another version of the same costume, along with a hippie and a pimp daddy whose clothes were purchased at a thrift store. Every family should have at least one pair of bell bottom polyester pants and an afro wig. Natalie chose to go without green paint on her face and the costume still works.

So there you have it. The first day of costume rescue. You can do it. Make a costume.

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Amanda said...

I admit that's the only part I don't like about Halloween is trying to figure out what to be. The frankenstein is a good idea though!!