Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lovely Weekend

Monday and Tuesdsay have been unbelievably windy. Yes it finally arrived. But before that we had a lovely weekend. Our girl was gone to a youth conference so we had a quiet and relaxing time. Saturday morning was so beautiful. After going to the gym for a last chance workout for the week we enjoyed the gorgeous blue sky while soaking in the jacuzzi. It was perfect.

Here is the steamy jacuzzi:

Here is the beautiful blue sky. That is the top of Ken's head. I told him I wouldn't take a picture of him just the beautiful sky and the 70 degree weather.

I can't wait for another day like this one especially when I look out the window today.

What did you do this weekend?

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Laura Brandler said...

I drove out your way yesterday and boy was it windy. I was on the 10 fwy and a power line was hanging across slowing traffic and the air was so dusty making visability difficult. The wind has made the skies really blue and the air nice and crisp. And the moon, have you seen that at night, wow! I love your pics of the fluffy clouds. I want to paint them on my ceiling in my bedroom so I can lay in bed and see the sky.