Sunday, February 1, 2009

And the winner is ..... Announced tomorrow

OK, We have a winner. I will announce the winner tomorrow along with posting pictures of the scientific method used to determine the winner. But for now, I want everyone to check out this video. Ken and I went to a James Morrison Concert last night. We really love this guys music. Check him out buy his CD, lets make him famous so he will keep putting out great CD's and music for us. We really think we got the deal of the century. The concert was at BellyUp in San diego which is a very small place (probably half the size of a basketball court). We were all right up close and personal and he was amazing. Tickets: $17.00. He played the night before in LA for $240 a ticket and in a large venue. How lucky are we?

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Amanda said...

I'm dying to know!!!!!!! I hate waiting! I guess I have no choice!

What a fun concert! Looks like a lot of fun!