Monday, February 2, 2009

And the Winner.......

First a one inch strip of paper with each entrants name was printed. The strips were placed in favorite green cherry bowl.  Then unbiased non participating person pulled a strip from the bowl. And the winner is.......Katey Kirtley!
                       (great Lindsey Lohan Nail poslish look)

Here is a picture of Katey at a her 8th Birthday party where everyone dressed up and she played Celine Dion's "Treat her like a Lady" over and over and over.  
Wow the postage will be very cheap for me.   The CD will include the following songs:

It's All Coming Back to Me Now
My  Heart Will Go On (from Titanic)
Treat Her Like A Lady
All By Myself
I'm Alive
And a bonus Track:  The Prayer.  (the classiest song she has ever done, thanks to Andrea Boceeli).

 Thanks all for your participation. I love reading your great sing-aloud-songs and movie moments.   

Last of all (not to beat you all to death) but remember this guy?  Yeah he has got some awesome sing-a-long-belt-it-out-tap-your-foot-tunes.   


Ken said...

i'll be the first to say the obvious...this was rigged! ;-) congrats katey! love you.

Scott H. said...

Shenanigans!! I'm with Ken on this one...:) Congrats Katey

Amanda said...

My week is officially ruined!!!! Just kidding! I was really wanting that CD....I'll have to make my own!

Did you ever post the winner to the "caption contest"? I think that was hilarious!

Love you Aunt Lisa!

And I agree with Unlce was rigged....;0)

Sean and Stacey said...

Lindsay Lohan? Didn't I start that???

Connie H said...

I say we all get one!!
Who agress?
I am so sadd.

Amanda said...

I agree with Connie...we should all get one! great idea!

Katey said...

You all are just sore losers....jk! I do find it odd that I should be the winner...Almost doesn't make sense. And mom you don't even have to make the cd because I already have all of celine dion's music! haha