Thursday, February 19, 2009

Snow What!

Last week the mountains were covered with snow and I wanted to take my girls to do some pictures. On Tuesday after work I told them to glamorize and load up some lip gloss and a chair so we could go to Wrightwood. Our trusty driver Cap'n Ken drove us up and I got a few shots off the side of the road. Here are my Girls looking cute as ever.

I told them to toss some snow

Cap'n Ken thought meant he was suppose to throw snow also.

This is what happened when he realized he wasn't suppose to throw snow.

There wasn't much sun when we got there so Ken thought we should chase the sun. We drove through Wrightwood and down past the Girls camp to Jackson Lake (which is really a pond). When we got there this lovely lady and her dog were there. She had gotten locked out of her car. I took pictures and Ken tried to get her car open with a hanger. It was getting very cold and starting to get dark as well. She had walked to a nearby cabin and used their phone to call her husband. She just got the message machine. Her dog had the most beautiful eyes. She had the most lovely French accent.

We tried to talk her in to coming with us into town where we could get cell phone reception until she made contact with her husband. She wouldn't budge she was sure she would be fine. She mentioned the picture taking and said she dabbled in photography of horses. She mentioned she posts her photos on her website. I got the URL . OK if that is dabbling then I shouldn't even get out my camera .We drove into town and tried tirelessly to get in touch with her husband. Then we called AAA to come unlock the door for her. They said they needed at least and hour and a half to get there and then they kept calling us because they couldn't figure out where we were. We stopped at the store for munchies while we were waiting.

Finally we decided to go back to the lake just to see if she was OK since it was dark and cold. She was gone. When we got home Ken contacted her through her website to make sure she was OK.

Now I didn't mention that in the midst of all this we shoveled snow into the back of the truck so that Dani could leave it on Cameron's front yard as part of her invitation to Backwards.

Pictures taken - check
New friend rescued - check
Tasty Snacks - Check
Backwards invitation - Check
Beautiful snow and sunset - Check
A few hours of out of the ordinary family time - Check

This just in: a link to the photo's from Christine that she took of her dog that same day before we arrived. Almost enough to make me want a dog.


Amanda said...

What beautiful pictures!! Great idea to go to the snow! You guys are so nice for trying to help that lady.

Katey said...

I think that picture of me is the only one that turned out alright. But, whatever. That was a great night and those fritos tasted so good...

Sean and Stacey said...

Sean and I were thinking...

"Why doesn't Ken have a dog? What man with a big truck, a sailboat and backyard doesn't have a dog?"

Hmm? I would suggest a blue-eyed weimaraner.

Julianna said...

Great pictures! I'm glad your new friend was rescued. Too bad Craig wasn't there, he can break in to anything (he moonlights as a repo man)....and fast! We went to the temple on Friday and there was a poor fellow locked out of his minivan. Craig rolled up, asked him if he needed help, did his magic, and sent them on their way in less than 5 minutes.

Jen said...

That is a totally awesome story!!! Thanks for sharing your great day! Thank goodness you were inspired to go take pictures, who knows what might have happened to that sweet lady if you guys were not there to help her. (if nothing else but to wait w/ her and make sure she was safe). I love your fun snow day, it made me realize how much I take it for granted here in Utah, it's all over my yard everyday!! Maybe I should appreciate it more??? Maybe not! :D hahaha!