Thursday, June 25, 2009

From the Vacation Vault

In honor of Summertime and Vacation time a couple of snapshots from the vault of Past Vacation Photos .

Sameul P. Taylor State Campground. Circa 1996. This was one of our favorite places to camp when the kiddies were little. Just north of San Francisco it has beautiful trails through the redwoods. Of course our camping buddies were the Hendrickson's.
Dani, Katey, Sean, Scott, Nicole, Natalie, Jodi, Heidi

Sticky Fingers Directions:
Take marshmallow and pull and roll between the tips of fingers then stretch.
Nicole, Ken, Heidi, Natalie, Sean, Jodi.


Sean and Stacey said...

wow, it is crazy to see Jodi and Heidi so young! I love the sticky fingers!

Connie H said...

Nice, Those sure were very fun camping/Kirtley days. What great memories. Crazy to see Jodi and Heidi so young, hey Sean what about you. The things we do for entertainment. Love ya all!

Natalie said...
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Natalie said...

Ummm so why is katey dressed for winter when obviously its a hot summer day?

Jamie said...

What a fun memory! I love that park to. It is a favorite.